Hearthstone’s Halloween event brings 23 Wild cards back to Standard

In World of Warcraft, the Headless Horseman wants to watch things burn. It appears that when he isn’t burning down villages, he wants to see card games burn too, as he has unleashed 23 powerful cards from the Wild vault, making Standard a pretty interesting place to be for the next while.

For Halloween this year get ready for the Haunted Tomb, a three-week-long descent into madness as the Headless Horseman causes havoc in Hearthstone. Get ready for three special Tavern Brawls (with special rewards) and for Standard to look rather different.

23 Wild cards are coming to play in Standard, and everyone will get temporary event copies of each card for free so that everyone can take part in terrible combos and powerplays. The cards that will be shaking things up are:

  • Druid: Astral Communion and Kun the Forgotten King
  • Mage: Babbling Book and Flamewaker
  • Paladin: Mysterious Challenger and Avenge
  • Hunter: Lock and Load and Call of the Wild
  • Shaman: Evolve and Thing from Below
  • Rogue: Shaku, the Collector and Swashburglar
  • Priest: Lightbomb and Vol’jin
  • Warlock: Imp Gang Boss and Renounce Darkness
  • Warrior: Varian Wrynn and Bloodhoof Brave
  • Neutral: N’Zoth the Corruptor, Sylvanas Windrunner, Ragnaros the Firelord, The Curator, and Emperor Thaurissan

Those are some powerful cards, some of which just cycled out, making us feel safe again, while others defined the meta a long while ago.

Everyone logging in during the even will get five free packs (two Saviors of Uldum, two Rise of Shadows, and one Rastakhan’s Rumble) so hop in and see what horror the Headless Horseman is causing.

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