Iron Man VR blasts its way onto PSVR in February

PSVR might not be anywhere near as evolved as the recent showing from Oculus or anywhere near as on point as HTC Vive, but there’s no denying that it’s introducing more people to the world of VR. There literally hundreds of VR games that allow you to drive, shoot and run away from scary monsters, but there’s nothing that truly allows you to be a superhero. Come 28 February next year that’ll all change. 

Iron Man VR will launch exclusively for PSVR next year. Feedback from those who have played it so far has been positive and if the latest story trailer is anything to go by you can expect to relive many of the movie moments in the suit of Iron Man. The story itself seems to be taking an arc of its own, but you’ll fly around the air space as you would recall Tony Stark’s mansion and Stark towers in the movie and you’ll even fix a plummeting aircraft while fighting off foes. 

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