Someone finished Minecraft without mining a single block

Gamers often find increasingly creative ways to beat some of the most popular or hardest games out there. We’ve all heard the stories of the guys who beat Dark Souls with nothing but a Dance Dance Revolution pad or just using their nose or whatever stunt they wish to pull. Today we have another one of these impressive feats coming to us from someone who wanted to beat Minecraft without mining a single block, a crucial tenant of the game all about mining.

It’s pretty difficult already to beat Minecraft as is, but giving yourself such a massive handicap is close to madness. However, it’s quite possible to do it, as you’ll see in the video by Hedgey featuring all the highlights of the run:

Some village pilfering, creative creeper corralling, some sprinkles of time, skill and luck and you have a run where not one single block was broken by the player’s own hands. It’s frankly astounding that Hedgey managed to do all this, but never underestimate the power of passionate gamers. They literally can do it all.

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