Marvel’s Avengers might take you up to 30 hours to complete

Crystal Dynamic’s take on Marvel’s Avengers has seen its fair share of scepticism since its announcement, but we can have some faith that it’ll at least be a well-crafted experience due to the developer’s track record and what we’ve already seen. We have wondered how robust the experience will be, but it’s generally assumed that it will be quite the long experience since it’ll be semi-open and will feature a lot of heroes. However, we might now have an idea of how long it’ll be exactly.

Speaking with, senior brand director for Crystal Dynamics, Rich Briggs, was asked how long Marvel’s Avengers will be. He said, “I think it’ll depend on exactly how deep you want to go into it. So if you think about previous Crystal games, you know that if you want to be playing your way through the core story, it’s going to be in that area, 10 to 12 hours.”

The 10 to 12 hours is only for the main story, but he continued with: “But if you want to see everything there is, and do all the side missions and everything else, you’re generally looking at 30 plus hours in the Tomb Raider games. So we’re not putting exact numbers on it just yet, but you can expect something comparable to what we’ve done in the past with that regard. And then, of course, you have the extended narrative and the extended game plan, more heroes post-launch.”

So in that case, we have the ballpark figure of about 30 hours for all the content in the game which is quite the sizable package already and not even counting all the extra content that will come later. Like Briggs said, they haven’t put an exact number on it yet, but one thing is for sure, this superhero journey will be a long one.

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