Doom Eternal has been delayed to March 2020

If you were looking forward to playing Doom Eternal in November, you are going to have to cool that bloodlust down another way. The game has been delayed on all platforms. id Software just announced that the game is delayed to March 20 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The Nintendo Switch version won’t be releasing on the same day as the other platforms and will release some time later. Another part of the announcement is that Invasion Mode, which lets players invade someone else’s campaign, won’t be available at launch, and will be added as a free update post-launch. To make up for this, anyone pre-ordering the game will get Doom 64 for free, but only in March.

So the game got delayed several months and will still be missing one of its key features at launch? Sounds like there is more of a story here. But for now, get your calendar out and prepare for March. It looks like Q1 2020 just got even busier.

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