Jeopardy had an embarrassing Tetris related error

It’s always funny when the real world and, in particular, boomers interact with the gaming world when they really have no idea what they’re talking about. We’ve seen it many times in newscasts where they grossly misrepresent the games we play and cut to clips of people playing PS4 where you can clearly see the light bar is off and no gaming is occurring whatsoever. We had another embarrassing public gaming moment on the super trivia show Jeopardy that is bound to make you giggle.

The question that was asked pertained to Tetris and how the blocks allegedly have names much like the ghosts in the Pac-Man games. However, this info is entirely false. Check out the clip from that show:

The names in that question are all part of an internet hoax that has been around for ages. Somebody apparently got hold of the original manual for Tetris and said that the blocks have names, as you can see in the image below:

Image result for tetris hoax manual

Have you ever just placed your Orange Ricky down and brought down a Smashboy? These names are entirely fabricated in what was probably a cheeky attempt to go viral, but the Jeopardy team got coerced into using the fake news. Thankfully the contestant could still tell it was Tetris, but the blunder is pretty funny.

There’s nothing really wrong with it, just an honest mistake and we can laugh at the fact that Alex Trebek said Smashboy on television. If you could give the Tetris blocks names, what would they be?

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