Xbox One October update brings wish list notifications, Mixer improvements and more

Microsoft has quietly gone about their own business as they constantly make improvements to the Xbox One dashboard. Should you start up your Xbox One now you will be greeted by a system software update for October that includes a whole bunch of nifty features. 

Here is what is included in this new update:

App and game limits for Family Settings

With the October 2019 Xbox Update, they’re taking additional steps to improve the existing family settings that work across Xbox One and Windows devices. They’re giving parents more control over what their children see and interact with on the devices in your home, which is part of their commitment to make gaming a fun, inclusive, and safe experience for everyone. That means offering tools that provide choice so families can create the right balance of screen time in their lives.

Wish list notifications

The October 2019 Xbox Update enhances the wish list feature with notifications to alert you when an item in your wish list has a price discount. The new wish list notifications will make sure you never miss a great deal on games you want.

Mixer viewing improvements

Mixer is integrating even further into the Xbox One experience with the October update. They’ve built a full Mixer viewing experience right into the dashboard with a focus on speed and simplicity. Viewers will no longer have to navigate to a separate app to enjoy Mixer streams, so getting to the content you want to watch has never been easier! Simply click the stream you’d like to watch to seamlessly start watching.

Recommend an Xbox Game Pass title

Games are more fun when shared with friends. Xbox Game Pass for Console has a curated library of over 100 high-quality games, so you may find a gem that you want to share with your friends. You can now recommend a game from Xbox Game Pass for Console directly to your friend via a message or to your whole community via your activity feed or share to a club. Your friends will be able to easily get to the page for the games you recommend and can start downloading right away if they are an Xbox Game Pass member.

Recent Players improvements

They understand the popularity of this feature and know it can be especially helpful with large-scale multiplayer games. You can now more quickly and easily engage with your Recent Players, whether you are sending a message, inviting players to a party, or adding them to your Friends List.

Under-the-hood game update improvements

Players can jump into their favourite games even faster with the October update. They’ve added improvements to automatic game updates, significantly reducing when you encounter the “update required” screen when launching a title.

Events app

Later this month, you may notice the Events app installed on your console. With Events, they will be introducing new ways for gamers to discover and be reminded of events happening within your favourite Xbox games or gaming communities such as a start of a new season or in-game holiday events. There will be more to share soon about how they plan to evolve this feature, so stay tuned for future announcements.

More flexible Capture Settings and Capture & Share experiment

The “Allow game captures” setting now has multiple options, giving you more control over your game capture experience. Previously, game capture could either be enabled or disabled in Settings, with certain games automatically recording memorable moments when this feature was enabled. With the October update, you may now select between “Captures by me,” “Captures by me or games,” or “Don’t capture” settings, providing you more choice over how you build your highlight reel.

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