A new trademark is showing off what PSVR could mean for the next generation

With all the talk of where the PS5 will be heading close to this time next year, there is certainly going to be talk about virtual reality. A new trademark has showed up and, while we were well aware that the next PSVR unit was likely going to be a wireless solution (via Bluetooth), there is going to be a few more features that might interest fans.

The improvements come in the form of cameras. Two front and one back camera will be hosted on the headset, along with another camera attached to what looks like the next generation Move controller. It also seems that more LEDs will be installed on the headset for more precise tracking and for another interesting new feature.

According to the patent users will be able to witness a new ‘transparent’ mode. You will see your surroundings through those front-facing cameras which could result in some interesting augmented reality features. 

As it stands Sony has confirmed that the current PSVR units will work on the PS5, but it’s expected that this VR upgrade will be the way to go if you want the best experience in the next generation. We surely can do without that big wire that’s attached to it. 

All this information comes via LetsGoDigital, which originally discovered the PS5 debug console patent. Seems they’re on to something again. 

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