SIE Europe lay off staff, Microsoft swoops in to help

You have to admit that the timing is looking extremely dodgy. Just recently Shawn Layden departed from Sony, amidst rumours that there was some form of disagreement behind the scenes that caused it. Those are all just rumours. What is unfortunately a reality is that many staff members in Europe have been shown the door in Sony’s effort to unify the different branches. It’s the next bit that looks questionable.

This has all happened right at the moment that the PS5 news dropped and covered up a story that has affected many talented developers. The developers reportedly received an internal memo as the PS5 bomb dropped. Some of these devs decided to voice their displeasure on Twitter, saying that ‘I hate that this is going to be drowned out by the #PS5 announcement.’

That Tweet has since been deleted by the user, but he has since uploaded this Tweet:

Aaron Greenberg from Xbox replied in his effort to help those without jobs:

Unfortunately this is how those big corporate companies roll. They’ll do anything to ensure that their name does not get smeared (you know, like the one in the header image). We’re real happy that Microsoft is at least trying their best to assist behind the scenes and we hope these devs come out on top.

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