Silent Hill is living on as Konami turns it into a slot machine

Konami’s antics and flagrant disregard for fans of its beloved franchises has transformed the once prestigious publisher into something worthy of mockery. The company is the epitome of corporate greed within the gaming industry and ever since their messy divorce with Kojima, they haven’t done themselves any favours whatsoever in returning the confidence of their long-time fans. Their latest stunt is yet another gambling machine based off one of their legendary IPs.

Yes, Silent Hill is the next game on the chopping block for gambling machines and you can see it in action in one of the most terrible trailers ever conceived:

The franchise will be part of a new cabinet that they designed with a 49 inch 4K Ultra HD display and numerous other games featured in the same cabinet. The Silent Hill games are titled Silent Hill Return and Silent Hill Escape which are based on Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill Downpour respectively.

It’s almost sad that the trailer for this slot machine isn’t even as exciting as the Castlevania one that at least gave us some memes to play with. This one was purely corporate and you can really tell that the soul of Konami has now officially withered away. I may sound unnecessarily cruel towards Konami, but I wasn’t the one that turned a horror franchise into something meant to be played by retired old people trying to pay off their medical bills by gambling their retirement away now was I?

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