Overwatch Switch launch event in New York cancelled

If you’ve been following the news of late, you will know that Blizzard inadvertently stepped into a PR nightmare when they banned Hearthstone player, Blitzchung for expressing his support for the protests in Hong Kong via a live stream.

The chain of events to follow lead to a lot of protest against Blizzard, with people trying to delete the accounts, staff doing walkouts and boycotts being threatened against the company. So it comes as little surprise then when a big launch event for the Nintendo Switch version of Overwatch, that was to be held in New York City on Wednesday, has been called off.

Overwatch has been used as a tool of sorts against Blazzard, with Chinese character, Mei being used as a symbol of the protesters against China. Fan-art started appearing all over the internet, hoping it will get Overwatch banned in that country due to the Chinese government’s heavy  hand and censorship levelled at any criticism against it. If the protesters and their sympathisers do manage to pull it off, it will certainly be a tad bit ironic for Activision Blizzard.

Source: Twitter

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