Postal 4: No Regerts was suddenly announced and launched on Early Access

Some time ago, the Postal game series was the prime target for parent censorship groups and crazed moms trying to shield their poor children from the violent debauchery of video games. The games were unapologetically insane, giving you free rein to murder innocent people in the street in increasingly rude ways while having this almost creepy tongue-in-cheek demeanour about it all since you were just a guy who had to run some errands in the town.

Now they’re doing it all again with developer Running With Scissors launching Postal 4: No Regerts (I know how to spell regrets, this is the title they went with, okay) out of nowhere on Steam Early Access along with a trailer that you can watch below:

Yup, that’s Postal alright. Rude, lewd and violently dumb. Our hero, Postal Dude, spends five days in the town of Edensin where he needs to check off more and more demented items off his checklist. The Early Access version of the game only features some items for the Monday list so far, but you can go cause some havoc if you’re into it.

The game has a roadmap up on Trello about all the features they plan to add in the coming future which includes stuff like co-op, a cat grenade, the other days of the week and subtitles.

Postal received an almost myth-like status in my early years of gaming since it was so controversial. I managed to play one of the games and it was just a relatively short and stubby experience of smashing people in the face with a shovel, laughing once at the fact that I can pee on a corpse and then feeling oddly dirty after the thing was done. But hey, no ragrets.

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