This could be Sonic’s new look in the upcoming movie

Earlier this year the Sonic the Hedgehog movie was revealed and the only thing that looked positive in the trailer was Jim Carrey. He actually pulls off a real impressive-looking Dr. Eggman (or Robotnik for the purists of you out there). As for Sonic, it was truly a dreadful representation of his character. Fortunately the creators went back to the drawing board, reworked on his look and it seems we now have our first leak.

Yes, now THAT looks more like the Sonic we all grew up with. His human teeth are gone, his eyes are fixed and his overall representation looks way more edgy. Sonic was always that blue hedgehog with attitude that made fun of Mario in the 90s and this is looking way more on point. 

The other leaked image isn’t of the highest quality, but it’s good enough to stand out from the horror that the original trailer was and to leave most of us old school fans with enough hope that the final movie cut will be something memorable. 

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