Stadia reveals their ‘starting’ launch date

‘Play almost any game, anywhere, on almost any device, in 4K and 60FPS’. It sounds amazing. And honestly, way too good to be true. However, it is what Google continues to tout for their upcoming big move into the video game arena – Stadia. And yesterday, we finally got our first concrete date for the start of the staggered launch: 19 November 2019.

Of course, South Africa is not included in that initial launch. We haven’t even really received official confirmation that it’ll be coming to SA anytime soon. And given that this is a purely online streaming platform there are some pretty obvious reasons why. Nonetheless, even in countries where high-speed internet is more widespread – a purely cloud-based service still feels like it should be a few years away. But now in just over a month we’ll start hearing our first impressions about Stadia and find out if Google will be able to fulfil some of those amazing promises and truly disrupt the industry.

Until then, be sure to check out the new quick-info trailer that was released yesterday below:

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