Tetris 99 will be crossing over with Luigi’s Mansion 3 this weekend

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is soon upon us and I’m sure a lot of people are dying to go do some sucking up with Luigi. Nintendo is obviously excited too and planned a nice little crossover event celebrating the game’s upcoming Halloween release by creating a Tetris 99 Grand Prix event. Players will be able to participate from the 25th to the 28th of October, this weekend.

Up for grabs during this event is Luigi’s Mansion 3 theme for your Tetris 99 board and as with most of the Tetris 99 themes, this one is pretty banging. You can see it in action below and listen to the music that will regale you as you drop those blocks:

The theme will be unlocked once you get 100 event points during the Grand Prix which just requires you to do your best in the game. It’s a nice little event for Tetris and Luigi’s Mansion fans and hey, it’s a free theme. So, if you were looking for a reason to boot up Tetris 99 again and bathe in the blood of your tetromino foes, here’s a pretty compelling one.

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