Get Doom 64 for free if you pre-order Doom Eternal

2019 is turning out to be another big year for video games. Every month has brought something unique to the forefront and as we make our way through the last few months there are some big hitters incoming. If you were holding on for Doom Eternal then you will by now know that things aren’t going to turn out quite as you had hoped as it’s been delayed to early next year. 

To help fans overcome that bit of heartache they’ll be rewarded with a real cool bonus if they pre-order the game ahead of launch. Doom 64 has now officially been added as a pre-order incentive. It’s often an overlooked game in the series that, as the names suggests, launched exclusively on the Nintendo N64 back in 1997. Yeah, we’re guessing some of you weren’t even born back then. 

It’ll still be available as a downloadable game that you can purchase separately on the Switch this year, but it’ll come at no extra cost on Switch if you pre-order Eternal. The same goes for other formats, though we’re not quite sure when it’ll launch. Expect it to drop before 20 March 2020.

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