WWE 2K20 has gone viral with its glitches

WWE 2K20 has launched and gone viral for… well, why do things go viral at all? Clips of bizarre bugs, glitches, weird character movement, odd stage interactions and much more have gone viral on social media. On Twitter, #FixWWE2K20 is trending.

WWE 2K20 is the first game in the series where Visual Concepts was the primary developer. Visual Concepts is normally responsible for the NBA games. Normally the WWE games are co-developed by Visual Concepts and Japanese studio Yuke’s.

Many complaints about the graphics, the gameplay and the glitches are appearing on Twitter, Reddit and more.

In a thread on Reddit one user has taken to outline all of the issues with the game and the list is pretty long and shows problems that are more than glitches. It looks like a lot of hard work is ahead of the developers, first to fix all the issues present, and then to explain how it reached release in this state.

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