Disney’s Aladdin and The Lion King will have some amazing limited edition versions

You may know I have a soft spot for Disney’s Aladdin and The Lion King games. I played them a lot growing up. My cousin owned (and still owns) a SEGA Megadrive and I have lots of memories of travelling the streets of Agrabah and exploring Pride Rock. I was, therefore, super excited back in August when it was announced that both games were coming in an HD Remastered package and would be available on the PS4, Xbox and the Switch.

The game collection will launch later this month, but yesterday pre-orders opened up for some really fantastic-looking limited editions. Gematsu has a really great breakdown of them here and it is worth taking a look. However, in short, the Switch will be getting two special ‘Retro Editions’: The Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King Retro Edition Box pictured in the header image above and the Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King Retro Edition Clamshell (below).

Along with these special Switch versions (available for $49.99 each), iam8bit will be producing two Legacy Cartridge editions – Aladdin Legacy Cartridge (Genesis/Megadrive) and The Lion King Legacy Cartridge (SNES). Both are pictured below and as you can see they include real playable cartridges for the older systems as well as special instruction booklets and few more speciality additions. These will set back $99.99. Of course, these are only available in the US for now – but if you’re a fan of the games it may be well worth the effort.

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