Google plans multiple studios for Stadia exclusives, but new IPs will take ‘several years’

Exclusives, annoying as they may be, have been integral to the success of gaming platforms. You can make a console that can play games, but you can’t lead gamers to your particular watering hole if there isn’t something juicy in it for them. With Google’s Stadia, it’s even more important to offer exclusives since if you’re going through the hassle of cloud gaming, you need to have something that is not available on more conventional hardware.

Google knows this and it seems they’re taking actions to get the ball rolling on their exclusives, but we might not see the fruit of all that labour for a long time to come. Speaking to, Jade Raymond talked about Stadia’s future plans for exclusives.

“We have a plan that includes building out a few different first-party studios, and also building up the publishing org to ship exclusive content created by indie devs and other external partners,” Raymond said. “It is a long-term view that Google is taking. For a big bet and a huge new IP that’s going to fully leverage the cloud, it may be several years.”

Stadia won’t be bereft of exclusives, however, as Raymond also said, “But we do have quite a few exclusive games in the works that will demonstrate some of the exciting things about the platform all along the path. It won’t be four years before gamers get to see the new exclusive, exciting content. There will be some coming out every year, and more and more each year.”

Stadia will have constant exclusives in the next few years, but as Raymond said, it’ll be from indie studios and external partners. It’s important to reiterate that they’re braving unexplored waters with this entirely new concept and refining that to get ready for primetime will be a momentous task. We’ll have to wait for quite a while before Stadia will receive its big killer app. For now, we’ll just have to live with our head in the clouds.

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