Media Molecule envisions Dreams moving past PlayStation consoles

Dreams is an ambitious idea. Sure, creation in games isn’t something unique to Dreams. We’ve seen parts of it in everything from Little Big Planet, Minecraft and Super Mario Maker. What sets it apart is that Dreams purports itself to be an all-encompassing creation tool that theoretically gives everyone (that owns a PS4 and the game) the ability to create their own (entire) video games. In pre-release versions and now during the Early Access, people have already created some pretty impressive things. And it’s not only games – videos, art, album covers and more have been built.

However, the question has started to come up as to whether or not PS4-Dreams-created games will be able to be exported out of the Sony ecosystem and exist on other platforms as standalone (possibly sellable) media. In an interview with, Kareem Ettouney outlined Media Molecules vision for the future (if all goes according to plan including mass-market appeal):

The very limited exporting features the moment are like exporting a video, but we have in the long-term [plans for] exporting a standalone game outside of Dreams entirely — exporting to other devices and beyond… But step one is to show our intent — so that from the very beginning we are doing this commercial concept, which means that everything you do in Dreams is yours. You can use it… We have plans, features and dreams [of our own], and we hope to make it go to the 11th degree so that people can celebrate their creations completely.

Kareem Ettouney speaking to
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