Burning Question: What video game enemy terrifies you the most?

Admit it, we all like a good fright. It gets the blood pumping and we sheepishly laugh it off afterwards. That’s why horror movies will always remain a popular genre.

In video games, horror is often worse (or better depending on how you look at it) since we as the player are a lot more invested since we actively play the game. The immersion is dialled to 11 while we walk down a corridor, not expecting that dog to jump through the window making us leap off our chairs.

So, with that in mind, I decided to ask you all the real question, with it being Halloween and all that this week. What video game enemy/monster do you find the most terrifying? What encounter gives you chills even has you sit there, right now, even years after you set down the controller. For me, that answer is pretty simple.

Resident Evil 4 Regenerador

Look, there’s something about that breathing man and the way it slowly moves closer and closer to you while you need to shoot at specific spots using a special attachment for a sniper rifle. Now, I’ve encountered some truly terrifying enemies playing video games over the years but nothing stayed with me as much as these things you face late in the Resident Evil 4 campaign.

I think it was to do with the fact that it is incredibly hard to kill, slowly makes its way to you, and as I said, that breathing. Sure, you can slow it down by shooting off limbs, but it just regenerates too quickly, eating through your ammo and health packs as you try and escape the tight corridors you find yourself trapped in with them. Pure nightmare fuel.

Honourable mentions goes to the Hunter from Dead Space as well as the Brain Trust from Bloodborne.


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