Game releases for November 2019 – with predictions!

It’s finally November, my dudes. The annual gaming explosion has arrived and just like every year, we have a star-studded line-up of highly anticipated games coming our way. However, 2019 is a special year for November releases since we actually had a lot more games that were originally planned for release. Games such as DOOM Eternal and Watch Dogs 3 were moved to 2020 which is both a little disappointing and also a relief considering the magnitude of games already heading our way. So, let’s jump into what we can expect from November!

Death Stranding – PS4 – November 8

Kojima’s fabled follow-up to his acclaimed Metal Gear Solid series is at long last in view and no matter which way it goes, it’s been a journey. Since that one Sony E3 conference in a time far far away, Death Stranding has always remained an elusive title since nobody had a bloody clue what was going on and Kojima seemed to feed on our confusion. The more we see of the game, the more questions we had, but thankfully we now have some idea of what Kojima’s latest opus is all about.

We’ll be playing as Sam, led by the wonderfully hunky Norman Reedus and despite what we initially thought, Sam is a delivery man. He’s on a quest throughout America to connect settlements using strands so that they can communicate with each other after a cataclysm has struck the country. Along the way, we get introduced to all sorts of kooky characters and delivering the hell out of some boxes. Remember when I said we have some idea of what the game is about? Emphasis on the some.

Prediction: Our official review is going up tomorrow so be on the lookout for that. Sadly I was a little naughty and had a gander at the score so I won’t spoil it here, but I will say one thing, you will want to see what our review has to say.

Need for Speed Heat – PC, PS4, XBO – November 8

The Need for Speed series has been in a rocky place for quite a few years now. The once legendary series got too caught up in the business hijinks of EA and was turned into a series of live-service games that didn’t really click with fans. A couple of games got some traction, but they never really captured that same appeal that some of the earlier Need for Speed games had.

Need for Speed Heat aims to retake that classic Need for Speed mindset of fast cars that you can pimp out at your leisure, classic cop chases and good old illegal street racing. We’ll be heading to Palm City, a fictionalized version of Miami that includes various locales such as mountainous regions and cities ripe for racing. It looks like a return to form for the series in many ways and they definitely had enough time to get it right this time.

Prediction: I still have my concerns that the game might not live up to expectation and that EA’s grubby paws will grief us with microtransactions or always-online shinanigans. But I’m feeling hopeful on this one and hoping for at least an 8/10.

Pokemon Sword and Shield – Switch – November 15

It’s Pokemon time once again and they’re pulling out all the stops for this one. This will be the first true mainline entry into the series on the Nintendo Switch and it’s just dripping with ambition. A huge open-world to explore, a ton of new mechanics to spice things up and of course a gigantic roster of brand new Pokemon that we need to catch.

The new Pokemon look wacky, but they always do with a new Pokemon game. Each generation gets crazier and crazier and our new gaggle of creatures are no strangers to strangeness. From what we’ve seen, we’re in for a massive adventure in a whole new world and the ambition has definitely been dialled up from the previous games that did admittedly start to become stale.

Prediction: I have some huge expectations for this one and I’m really hoping for a 9/10 here. With the series’ reputation for quality and the fact that this has been a game that has been in development for years, I think we’re not really prepared for how epic of a new Pokemon journey this will be.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – PC, PS4, XBO – November 15

Respawn are trying their hands at a fully single-player experience and the marketing for the game seems to go against the usual grain of EA games. They even famously said that “single-player games aren’t dead” even though EA was probably the biggest offender in turning games into live services. However, they’re definitely going all out with Jedi: Fallen Order.

Our newest Star Wars journey promises to be a sprawling action-adventure game following our hero Cal Kestis as he fights as one of the last remaining Jedi. We’ve seen in numerous gameplay videos that it’ll be a game that’s similar in design to something like an Uncharted but with lightsabers, invisible space powers and cute droids. There isn’t a lot of room here to mess it up since they’re sticking with a very tried and tested formula, but don’t count your Yodas before they hatch.

Prediction: Man, if this wasn’t EA then I would be comfortable predicting a 9/10. Instead, we have to worry that they might have not had enough time to really get the game where it needed to be or there will be some tomfoolery that sullies the whole thing. Please let this be an 8/10 and we can all be happy.

Shenmue 3 – PC, PS4 – November 19

Yu Suzuki’s infamous Shenmue franchise has been a sore spot for many gamers since the ending of the second game was basically the world’s biggest cliffhanger and this happened back when I was still playing with blocks in primary school. The conclusion to the trilogy has remained ever-elusive until they finally just created a Kickstarter and asked fans for help to finish what they started.

I still remember the announcement of Shenmue 3 quite well since it was such a great moment even if this is quite the niche game that I didn’t even have any idea about. The ensuing controversies weren’t as fun though and it’s been quite the challenging journey for the game since its inception. Its been about 4 years since that first announcement so a lot is riding on Ryo Hazuki’s new quest. Hopefully we finally get some closure.

Prediction: The fact is that the Shenmue series has always been niche and the fact that it took crowdfunding to make the game a reality tells you that it’s relatively out of the bounds of normal releases. Fans have been clamouring and there is that background dread that it’ll all be a disaster, but let’s be optimistic here and go with my classic 8/10. I often hope every game is at least an 8/10.

Here are some more releases coming this month:

Blacksad: Under the Skin – PC, PS4, XBO, Switch – November 5
GRIP: Combat Racing Rollers vs AirBlades Ultimate Edition – PC, PS4, XBO, Switch – November 5
Just Dance 2020 – PS4, XBO, Switch, Wii – November 5
Planet Zoo – PC – November 5
Red Dead Redemption 2 – PC – November 5
Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition – PC, PS4, XBO – November 5
Disney Tsum Tsum Festival – Switch – November 8
Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy – Switch – November 8
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – Switch – November 8
New Super Lucky’s Tale – Switch – November 8
Romancing SaGa 3 – PC, PS4, XBO, Switch, PS Vita – November 11
Truck Driver – PC – November 11
Doctor Who: The Edge of Time – PC VR, PSVR – November 12
Golem – PSVR – November 12
The Legend of Bum-Bo – PC – November 12
My Friend Pedro – Switch – November 12
VR Ping Pong Pro – PC VR, PSVR – November 12
XIII Remake – PC, PS4, XBO – November 13
Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition – PC – November 14
Bee Simulator – PC, PS4, XBO, Switch – November 14
Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory – PC – November 14
Sparklite – PC, PS4, XBO, Switch – November 14
Beast Quest – Switch – November 15
Jumanji: The Video Game – PC, PS4, XBO, Switch – November 15
Tokyo Ghoul: re Call to Exist – PC, PS4 – November 15
Children of Morta – Switch – November 20
Farmer’s Dynasty – PS4, XBO – November 21
Lumberjack’s Dynasty – PC – November 21
Narcos: Rise of the Cartels – Switch – November 21

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