Watch the 8-minute long Death Stranding launch trailer at your own peril

We’re on the cusp of Kojima’s next big outing and the excitement is in the air for what the enigmatic director has up his sleeve this time. Throughout the game’s existence in the press, we just had to keep trying to figure out what the actual heck is going on with this game. We’ll have most of our questions answered tomorrow when the reviews drop and you’ll also find our review for the game as well.

The game received a launch trailer, as is normal, and in typical Kojima fashion, it’s 8 minutes long and features a ton of information. Or at least I assume it does because even if it goes against my ethical responsibility as a games journalist, I won’t be watching the trailer. Dawid, our reviewer for the game, warned me that there are a bunch of small spoilers all over the trailer and that watching it might lessen the impact of some moments in the game.

So, I leave the trailer for you with a choice. You can enjoy all 8 minutes of its craziness or refrain from the temptation to keep everything fresh if you’re planning on getting the game. Death Stranding releases on the 8th of November and not a moment to soon, to be honest.

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