Netflix’s The Witcher launches on 20 December

Isn’t it just amazing to see the games industry represented in such a big way on one of the most popular services on earth? Yes, the game is based on the books and so is the actual game, but you can’t deny that the characters and likeliness of the set it takes place in looks very reminiscent of what you might have experienced in the game.

Netflix launched a new trailer last night that details more of what you can expect from the series later this year when it officially drops on 20 December, just in time for your holiday viewing. In this trailer you get a good look at Henry Cavill playing Geralt as well as Anna Shaffer who plays Triss Merigold. Freya Allan and Anya Chalotra also make a showing as Ciri and Yennefer respectively. 

Of course some of you will just be happy to see Geralt in the bathtub. We wonder if the unicorn scene will make an appearance in the series? Either way, get a look at a lengthy look at the upcoming series:

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