The past, present and future of World of Warcraft

The past, present and future of World of Warcraft

Covering World of Warcraft is always a fun one especially now that it can be split into two topics, World of Warcraft and its Classic counterpart. There was even a joke regarding the Vanilla Ice Cream available in the concessions that no one wanted.

Coming to World of Warcraft Classic are a few changes but they are big ones and are just around the corner coming on the 12th of November. If you have a few questlines left to get done by the Tarren Mill, I would jump to it because PvP and World bosses are coming up as well as the Honor system. We will be granted access to Dire Maul, one of the largest original dungeons that really delivered a progressive story experience in the good ol’ days. I can see them moving forward with Classic updates all the way till Wrath of the Lich King, but not past that as the point of Classic has always been to show off the Pre-Cataclysm world.

Now enough about the past, what does the future of World of Warcraft have in store for us? It has been a busy expansion, finding the isle of Zuldazar, the Alliance and Horde at each other’s throats and many questionable actions from many of our heroes. We are in no way going to call out a specific hero at this time…

During the 15 year anniversary event that is coming up, we will have many throwbacks on the PvP and PvE fronts. We have a Battleground based on Alterac Valley coming which played a huge part of our early lives in WoW. From the PvE side, we have a ton of throwback raid experiences and if you manage to complete all three you will earn yourself a Deathwing inspired mount. Not sure about you but I would not mind flying around on the back of the sunder-er himself. Worry not, even if you don’t manage that you will still be able to earn yourself a little Nefarian pet to help you remember the best and worst times of Blackrock Mountain.

Now that I have waffled about what was and is, let’s get to what is coming next.

My only appropriate response to that cinematic is a jaw drop, gasp and utter bewilderment. I am not going to delve into what they’ve shown too much, but I would like to say that undead army we saw at the beginning disappeared really, really fast.

Now the story of the next expansion clearly begins as a result of Sylvanas’ actions, breaking down the boundaries between the land of the living and the land of the dead. My first impressions of the new land gave me a lot of Burning Crusade vibes. Very different biomes from the looks of the teasers which sparked the thoughts of the Outland, the more swampish area of Zangarmarsh, the wasteland of Blade’s Edge Mountains and the Rolling Hills of Nagrand. Personally I like this way to make the world of the afterlife seem distinctive. Something I am interested in seeing is if they will show off some of the fallen heroes of the past, there are one or two of the great dragons that I would not mind getting to chat to again.

Here is the official list of features we have to look forward to:

  • Explore the Realm of the Dead
  • Claim a Covenant鈥檚 Power
  • Ascend the Tower of the Damned
  • Every Level Is Meaningful
  • A New Army of the Dead Rises
  • Improved Character Customization Options

Now. they haven’t mentioned any class/race reveals but with the Vulpera and Mecha-gnomes on the horizon, I am not sure that would even be entirely necessary.

Now that you know what is coming I would also like to highlight the new purchasable pet coming to the Blizzard store. Many of us immediately fell in love with the adorable Dolly and Dot, most likely the greatest Alpacas of all time… until now. The purchasable is a tiny Alpaca named Dotty (see what they did there) and all funds will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation as well as the group. Both charities support children around the world and are great causes.

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