BioWare hints at more Dragon Age 4 information in December

BioWare’s next major title, Dragon Age 4, has been shrouded in mystery since its initial announcement at the Game Awards. EA has stated that the game is going to take at least two more years before it releases, but one would expect to have seen some sort of gameplay trailer or at least an extended cinematic trailer by now. However, the studio has remained largely silent until a new tweet started stirring the pot again.

The 3rd of November saw the franchise’s 10th anniversary and in celebration, BioWare made the following tweet:

Apparently BioWare now has the power to annex an entire day for one of their games, but let’s just roll with that for now. BioWare has been no stranger to sanctioning off big announcements for their various community days such as N7 day on the 7th of November for Mass Effect. This December 4th date makes us hopeful that we’ll receive a nice information dump on the new game or at least some indication of its existence.

We’ll see what happens when the date finally comes and rest assured that we’ll be the first ones to cover what happens.

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