Cory Barlog ‘would love’ God of War ported to PC

When it comes to Sony and their exclusives, you know that the word ‘exclusive’ means that you won’t see their games appearing on any other format. That has however changed somewhat in this generation. First we saw Quantic Dream launching their classics on PC and last week Kojima Productions announced that Death Stranding is heading to PC next year. Anything is possible. 

Cory Barlog, the creator of 2018’s God of War, took to Twitter to reply to a person about the possibility of God of War heading to PC and said he ‘would love’ it to port to PC, but that his hands are tied and that the decision is well above his ‘paygrade’. He closes his statement off in saying that he’s ‘no Kojima’. 

Furthermore he retweets an article about the Death Stranding port to PC not mattering at all (that it won’t affect sales on PS4), which means he really wants it to head to PC, but just can’t realistically do anything about it:

Weirder things have happened, but we don’t think you’ll ever officially see God of War appearing on PC. Here’s hoping. 

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