Get a look at raw Need for Speed Heat footage

It’s all good and well that we’ve seen some incredible cutscenes for Need for Speed Heat, but by now any sane gamer should know that you can really only judge any title by its gameplay footage. We finally have the first real footage of the game and it’s starting to look real promising.

Thanks to PlayStation Underground you have just under 30 minutes of footage for the game to watch below. The best bit is the fact that Ghost Games is there to provide some commentary of what players can expect and after many questions, we have some answers to the day and night cycle. Basically you’ll use the day to fine tune your car so that you can race it against rivals at night, though you can still race while the sun is up. Not just that, but the Cops change up their game at night to become ruthless. 

You’ll still drive through petrol stations to fix your car and there are a bunch of side missions to greet the campaign. It seems that there are only six cars racing at a time, which is a bit unfortunate, but other than that it it’s looking good.

Get a look at it in all its glory below:

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