Kojima Production will make movies in the future

Kojima has always had an eye for cinematics and movie-like cutscenes. Some of his games have save locations within the cutscene just because they’re so incredibly long that the danger of you suddenly bombing out of the game would cost you a ton of time. He’s also been a huge lover of cinema and if you follow him on Instagram, you’ll find him posting about movies all the time and let’s not forget his absolute fascination with actors. Kojima is a movie producer by heart, but all he could make were games so he decided to combine the two.

However, it seems Kojima is finally following his calling since he recently said the following during a recent BBC documentary about the making of Death Stranding:

There you have it, right from the horse’s mouth. Kojima Productions are looking into making some films and I have no reason to say that they can’t. As mentioned, Kojima has been a lifelong cinephile and this might just be the perfect fit for him where he can focus on his crazy stories without worrying about all the pesky gameplay.

The BBC documentary is well worth the watch as well since it gives some insight into the game’s creation and Kojima’s involvement in the whole thing.

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