Keanu Reeves had so much fun in Cyberpunk 2077, he doubled his screen time

When Keanu Reeves entered the stage during Microsoft’s E3 press conference, I don’t think anyone realized just how much of a classic moment it would be. The internet was full of love for Mr. Reeves and his surprise appearance as Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077 all took us by surprise. It seems like the role took Reeves by surprise too as he enjoyed it so much that he doubled his screen time in the game as the character.

The Italian dubber for Johnny Silverhand, Luca Ward, spoke about Reeves’ performance and how CD Projekt Red had to double his screen time because Reeves was just enjoying the role too much. This then doubled the dubbing that Ward had to do for the character, but I’m sure he didn’t mind the extra work.

It’s fantastic to hear that the acclaimed actor has so much respect for the game he’s appearing in and this isn’t just some shoehorned cameo to drive sales. Keanu always puts his best foot forward in every role he does and it’s comforting to hear that he’s enjoying his time as Johnny Silverhand. Cyberpunk 2077 releases on the 16th of April and I’ve already started working on my excuses to get out of work that week.

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