Evocative platformer Gris was plagiarised by a self-care app

Gris was a wonderfully unique platformer with big themes surrounding mental health all done with incredible animations. The game’s jaw-dropping presentation does a lot to convey its message and the developers should really be proud of what they managed to accomplish. However, it seems they did such a good job that some enterprising vultures wanted to steal that style for their own gain.

Devolver Digital sent out a very accusatory tweet that names and shames a self-care app called The Fabulous that looks to have copied the homework way too much. Here’s the tweet in question with a video showing the shocking similarities:

As you can see, it’s not a direct copy but a lot of the animations and the general style of Gris was ripped off wholesale by this wellness app. The app’s CEO Sami Ben Hassine said in an email to Polygon that “any wrongdoing from our side is not intentional” and went on to say that “it might be that one of our artists or freelancers got inspired by a game that they liked.” This is obviously a really weak excuse and the flagrant plagiarism can’t just be excused by a simple “oops, we didn’t know”.

We’ve seen this time and time again in the gaming world with a lot of concept art being ripped off without proper credit or even changing anything in the scene. It’s just pure plagiarism and such an act is inexcusable in any artform. Shame on you, The Fabulous.

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