Halo on PC will come ‘when it’s ready’ according to community director

It has been quite the arduous wait for the Master Chief Collection on PC and avid Halo fans like myself that own a PC have been clamouring for any word on when the legendary franchise will make its debut. Sadly, it seems that the process of porting over so many games isn’t that easy and we have been kept largely in the dark about the whole process. Some fans have been noticeably upset about the delays, but the team over at 343 industries have been trying their best.

Responding to a heated question from a fan about when the Halo games will be releasing, community director Brian Jarrard said the following:

I was even under the impression that the games will be arriving this year since I believe that was a statement at some point, but it seems I have been mistaken (or you know, they are pretending this newsletter never happened). They’re taking the “when it’s ready” approach to the ports and they’re already starting to get Halo Reach ready for launch. Halo Reach has been in early access and they recently released the specs for the game which holds promise that we’ll be seeing it soon. Just how soon is anybody’s guess at this point, but I don’t think it’ll be much longer.

While the Halo fan in me is slightly disappointed to hear the news, I’m happy that they’re taking their time to work out all the kinks and make sure Halo‘s explosive entry into the PC world is a smooth one. There’s a lot of work still left to do, so right now patience is our only friend.

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