The diabolically good cosplay at BlizzCon 2019

Photo by Dave Yang Photography

It’s been only a few days since BlizzCon 2019 ended, and I’m already itching to redownload Diablo 3 in preparation of the upcoming 4th instalment! But since there’s no word on a concrete release date, let’s focus on the other fantastic things that came out of this year’s pilgrimage to Anaheim.

Each year the cosplays at BlizzCon simply blow my mind. Last year we saw the rise of Project Ebon Blade, which brought to life many beloved characters from the Warcraft series as Death Knights, but this year it was Diablo that stole the show. Many people worked themselves to the bone to craft their cosplays, and though they looked magnificent nothing could hold a candle to Cinderys Art nor the crew that did up Stefanie Drew as Lilith.

Photo by Mineralblu

The contestants that partake in the cosplay competition at BlizzCon are always of such high calibre that it is impossible to walk away not struck with awe. This year was no exception. From Beach-Ready Torbjorn to a cosplay that looks like Magda climbed straight out of the game, the talent was just of an inconceivable level.

That all said, there have to be winners in a competition, and this year the honour in each category goes to:

Each category boasted so much awe-inspiring talent, to the point where I didn’t know who would win, that it’s hard to believe some of these cosplays were built in only 8 months. The wins are well deserved, but I think each member of the top 25 cosplays deserves all the praise they’ve received. They’ve worked so hard!

Apart from the contestants of the cosplay comp, there was also a cosplay exhibition earlier that night on the same stage. Though this is just a sample of the sheer amount of talent that was present at BlizzCon 2019, the cosplays that graced the stage were both fun and so damn well crafted. It warms this old, cobweb-covered heart of mine to see people’s hard work get celebrated like this.

Be sure to check out #Blizzcon2019 on all your social media platforms to catch all of the fantastic pictures from the event. The photographers ought to have started releasing some of them by now, so we’re in for some beautiful content! For example, did you know that there was a March Of The Murlocs at the event? No? Now you do! Go stalk that hashtag for more fun.

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