Five ways we celebrate our video game nerdery

We all love video games. For some of us, video games are our main hobby; a way to pass the time and the way we eliminate stress. For others, video games go a little bit further. They are part of our identity. And when that’s the case – we like to show it off. So here are five ways we like to celebrate our video game nerdery…

T-Shirts, t-shirts, t-shirts…

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It’s an easy one to fake – but the unofficial uniform of the nerd has got to be the themed t-shirt. Favourite games, characters, inside jokes or even popular developers often make their ways onto shirts of all colours and sizes. Sure, it can get a little generic but let’s be honest we all have at least a few in our cupboard. And if you find a unique design, you’ll quickly be the envy of your friends and the coolest video game nerd at the party.


Image Courtesy: Funko Crash Bandicoot (in Biker Outfit)

This one probably depends a little more on your financial situation and how much display space you have, but one of the more demonstrative ways to show off your video game character love is to buy a figurine of that character and proudly display it somewhere in your home or office. While some of these ‘Collector’s-Edition-type’ figures can hit figures in the thousands, happily, there’s a wider and wider selection of more affordable mini-figures, Amiibo, action figures, plushies, Funkos and even the odd McDonald’s Happy Meal toy that you can use to celebrate video games.


Historically, cosplay was enjoyed by only a few brave and creative souls. However, over the years it has become more and more mainstream. And whether you just throw on a fake moustache and a red cap as an ode to your favourite plumber or you professionally design and compete internationally, cosplaying has become an almost essential part of video game nerdery and a welcome sight at conventions around the world.


Image Courtesy: “THE LIMBLESS” – Minimalist Video Game Poster Art Print – Etsy/GeekPrintShop

We’ve been using art to inspire and to provide enjoyment for millennia. These days though, video games add a subject matter close to our heart and some of the amazing artists out there are producing some spectacular pieces that not only brighten up the room but also help us celebrate our affinity for all things digital.


Now, I’ve rather awkwardly stolen this verb (used to describe the action of ‘slapping’ stickers or writing graffiti on various signs, walls and other surfaces) to characterise what many of us do to identify our video game fandom: Physically placing stickers on our laptops, cars or favourite pets (just kidding) or digitally placing a specific video game image on every available background – desktop, cellphone etc. It’s a smaller move, but no doubt another more discreet way we identify ourselves to the world.

So those are just five ways I thought of. In what ways do you celebrate your love for video games? Let’s share in the comments section below.

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