Norman Reedus is glad Silent Hills didn’t happen

Silent Hills was yet another tragedy in the whole breakup that Hideo Kojima went through when he left Konami. The now legendary P.T. demo drummed up considerable interest in the game and when players finally got to the end, we got to see Norman Reedus appear in the flesh for what promised to be a spectacular horror experience. As we know, that didn’t happen, but Norman Reedus thinks it may have been for the best.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Reedus was asked about Silent Hills with which he replied, “When that went away, I was bummed, but when Hideo described what we were doing next, I completely forgot about it. I was like, thank god that didn’t work, because this is way better. This is a completely different thing.” Some people might disagree with that statement, but what Reedus says rings true. Kojima did indeed make something that was completely different and not just another horror game within a horror franchise.

Reedus also talked about how he came to be involved with Kojima:

So Hideo, Guillermo, and I were going to do another game, a Silent Hills game, but Konami and Kojima had a falling out, so it went radio silence for a minute. Then they came back and said Sony’s back in with Hideo and we’re going to make a brand-new game. I was more excited about that, to be honest, because Hideo came down to San Diego Comic-Con and had an iPad and was showing me some of the graphics he was working on, which were just mind-blowing. I knew it was going to be a home run right from the get-go.

I feel like some people might disagree with Reedus since there was so much hype surrounding Silent Hills, but the fact of the matter is that it did pave the way for Kojima to do his own thing in the end. It’s still sad that we won’t ever see another Silent Hill game except for maybe in a casino, but hey, Death Stranding was a really nice compromise.

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