The next Hitman game confirmed by IO Interactive

Hitman 2 released just about a year ago and has enjoyed a steady stream of support from IO Interactive. To celebrate the one year anniversary, the developer outlined their roadmap for the month of November, as well as confirming that the next Hitman game is well into development.

In November 19th, we’ll release our November Update and you can expect more improvements, tweaks and fixes to HITMAN 2. After 13 months of full-time support and content for HITMAN 2 – at no additional cost (besides what we added through the Expansion Pass), we’re now at a place where we are looking increasingly to the future. In real terms, we’re moving more and more of the HITMAN 2 team to join the next Hitman game, which is well underway.

IO also stated that the November patch will be the final big one, with them planning to bring more featured contracts and community events in 2020. But overall, the big outtake here is that the next Hitman has been confirmed, and we should expect some form of official announcement in the coming months.

Source: IO Interactive

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