Ghost Recon Breakpoint has two updates coming this month

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will have two title updates this month, with Ubisoft working hard to address issues and turn the game around.

The first update, 1.0.3 will drop next week on November 12. This patch will tweak issues like drone deployment, fire rate, having night vision goggles blocking crosshairs and Mission Completion notification pop-ups. The patch notes will only go up closer to deployment.

This patch also adds two new faction missions. One is called A Deadly Trap, which sees you helping Homesteaders to gather enough supplies before a virus hits the island. The other mission, Whistleblower, sees you protecting rebels whose names have ended up in enemy hands. Look after them until they can cover their tracks and disappear.

Later in November, will be released, which will look at more bugs and add more improvements. Last week, the development team blogged about wanting to do a radical overhaul to the gameplay experience after the game failed to get the reception they wanted.

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