No video games after 10 PM, says China

Hoping to restrict the rise of video game addiction as well as the increase of nearsightedness and poor academic performance, China has installed new laws to regulate video gameplay for minors. So what do the laws actually restrict and who does it affect?

Javier C Hernández and Albee Zhang, writing for The New York Times, explain that the National Press and Publication Administration announced the ban earlier this week and as described in the article the new regulations are specifically aimed at individuals below 18 years of age and consist of:

  • Curfew: No video games are to be played between the times of 10 PM and 8 AM
  • Time limits: Set at 90 minutes (weekdays) and 3 hours (weekends/holidays)
  • Online in-game spending limits: $57 per month (16 to 18 yrs) and $29 (8-16 yrs)

No matter your political opinion, this is one of the strongest legislative actions we’ve seen purportedly aimed at managing video game addiction and in-game spending. And it will be interesting to see if/how China will be able to enforce this new ruling – with Gamespot reporting that this will happen through registration on online gaming platforms and mandatory real-time tracking, with failure to comply resulting in the possible loss of licenses.

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