New Overwatch challenge features Mercy

The latest Overwatch challenge features unlockable cosmetics for Mercy. Mercy’s Recall Challenge runs from now until 2 December and features a total of 10 new Mercy cosmetic items.

The challenge ties in with ‘Valkyrie‘, a new short story by Michael Chu, senior designer for lore and story in Overwatch.

To unlock the new items, all you have to do is win any 9 games before the end of the challenge. Three games will get you a new player icon, six games will unlock two sprays, and nine wins will unlock the Dr Ziegler legendary skin for Mercy.

You can also link your Twitch account to your Blizzard account to earn 6 more sprays during the event. You just need to watch 6 hours of participating streams – which seems to be everyone streaming Overwatch, instead of specific streamers as in previous events. You can find out more here.

Check out the challenge trailer below:

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