Sims team announces new community voted pack

In last night’s Maxis Monthly livestream, Sim Guru Ninja and Sim Guru Dana showed off the contents of the latest free game update, which was also released last night. The patch includes a host of bug fixes for issues like excessively thirsty Sims drinking water every chance they get, and it should now be possible to sell Realm of Magic potions for profit. The patch also added new clothing items to the holiday celebration pack (a free downloadable pack) for children and toddlers, both often overlooked life stages.

In addition, most columns in build mode can now be scaled to just about any height. The option to scale the UI has also been added, a useful feature for those with huge screens or anyone who finds the in-game text just a little bit on the teensy side.

However, the really exciting news was the announcement of a new stuff pack created through community votes. It sounds like the Sims team learned a few things during the voting for what eventually became Laundry Day Stuff, so the voting process will be a little different to help reduce confusion. The surveys will also be linked from the main menu of the game itself, which will hopefully draw in more players to vote.

The voting will be split into the following blocks:

  • Theme and Gameplay (18 – 25 November)
  • Art Style (23 December – 3 January)
  • Clothing Style (Late January)
  • Object Style (March)
  • Title and Icon (April)

The theme and gameplay vote will be open next week (18 November) for about a week, with subsequent votes happening about once a month thereafter. If you followed the Laundry Day Stuff pack process, it did take a long while for the pack to become a reality, but it was pretty interesting getting a look inside the development process. More details about the pack have been shared in an official blog post.

The Sim Gurus also announced the themes and potential gameplay features that we’ll be able to vote for next week:

  • Arts & Crafts (Pottery wheel, Edible art, Embroidery & cross stitch, Knitting, Glass fabrication)
  • Self-Care Routines (Fitness watch, Custom teas & herbal infusions, Vegan trait, Healthy living aspiration, Smoothie blender)
  • Fun-Tech (Simulated sports screen, Indoor cycling machine & treadmill with screens, Virtual putting green & modular mini-golf, Void Critter locator, Portable hologram best friend)
  • Science & Technology (Desktop microscope, STEM kits, Building blocks, Food science & kitchen appliances, Astronomy & portable telescope)
  • Happy Haunts (Ghost hunter freelance career, Seance table & spirit board, Psychic freelance career, Grim Reaper freelance career, Haunted House lot trait)

I really thought I had made up my mind as soon as they mentioned the arts and crafts theme, but the other themes sounds really cool too. Grim Reaper freelance career?! Appropriately sized microscopes and telescopes? I have no idea which way I’ll vote next week, but I look forward to seeing how the community votes. Which theme appeals to you the most?

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