Sonic’s new trailer has him looking much cooler

In case you missed it – the original Sonic the Hedgehog trailer got a substantial amount of backlash. Bringing a beloved animated character into the ‘real’ world is always a tricky endeavour. However, Sonic’s appearance was almost universally despised and in a rather unexpected move the director of the movie, Jeff Fowler, announced that the criticism had been heard and rather than releasing a movie in the current state, they would be returning to the drawing board. Later we got the news that the design changes were so substantial that the movie would be delayed into 2020.

Bowing to widespread internet hatred is always a controversial choice but we finally got our first official look at Sonic’s new look yesterday and we’ve got to admit – he looks a lot closer to how we remember the spiky speedster… goodbye uncanny valley! Check out his new appearance in the trailer below and let us know what you think.

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