Sindel is hair to shout your face off

Sindel is finally here, after not being a playable character in MKX. Sindel is Mortal Kombat 11’s fourth DLC character, bringing the pain and the best hair into the ring.

Get ready for attacks with hair, screams and a mean-looking spear as Sindel drops everyone down a peg or two. Just try to not have any flashbacks to what she did in previous games while facing her, or you might lose your face to an unblocked scream or a well-planted butt to the face. Dancing cheek to cheek with Sindel is not recommended. Ever.

Sindel joins the latest Kombat Pack on November 26, or she can be nabbed on her own on December 3.

Get ready for the former wife of Shao Kahn to put people in their place with her throws and hair shenanigans at mid-range.

Next year Joker and Spawn join the fight, showing that Outworld is home to all sorts of nightmarish foes.

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