Factorio will finally see its 1.0 release next year

Factorio has been an efficiency nerd/engineer’s wet dream for the past eight whole years of its development. The game began from humble beginnings and kept being added to throughout its time in Early Access. The game has done so much already, but it still hasn’t officially released. It’s almost weird for a game that has been in development for so long to still not have a full official release, but developer Wube Software is going to change that come 2020.

The game will receive its 1.0 launch on the 25th of September 2020, according to the developers’ most recent developer diary. “We feel that the Factorio development is taking way too long,” read the post. “The approach ‘It is done when it is done’ was serving us well to deliver a high-quality product, but if we continued this way, we would be doing it basically forever.”

The team acknowledged that they can just release the game as it is right now without much hassle, but there are some things to sort out before they can release a full 1.0 version of the game. It’s wonderful that the game will finally come out of its Early Access roots and even though it’s still a niche automation game, it can get even more popular if there’s a shiny 1.0 release behind it.

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