Next Half-Life CONFIRMED! It’s just not 3

News regarding Valve’s new “flagship” VR game has been around for a while, but we didn’t really know what it was. Until yesterday when we reported that a game called Half-Life: Alyx might be the VR game that Valve have been hinting at. That rumour has now been confirmed only a few hours later:

We still don’t know anything about this game, except that it’s the first Half-Life game in more than a decade, and that it is still not Half-Life 3. It will also most likely follow the adventures of Alyx, your lovable companion throughout much of Half-Life 2 and the subsequent episodes.

There’s also a good chance that the title will be exclusive to Valve Index / HTC Vive platforms, but everything at this stage is purely speculation.

But we will know everything come Thursday evening at around 8pm local time. For now, we can at least be excited about getting a new Half-Life game, even though it’s probably not the one we wanted.

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