Broken Lines put you in alt-history WW2 with XCOM tactics

It looks like 2020 is going to have us mourning the loss of our soldiers once again. Broken Lines is an alternate history World War 2 game, and your squad is trapped far behind enemy lines.

This “narrative-driven tactics game” uses pause and play tactical combat. Plan what you want to do in a turn, then watch everything happen simultaneously in real-time. Then between battles the personality and problems of your soldiers come to the fore, with the horrors of war threatening to break your squad up as they get ground down by wounds, loss and more.

“We believe traditional turn-based strategy gamers will tremendously enjoy Broken Lines, and there’s plenty to love for those that crave a rich story-driven experience and a look at the impact that war has on the human psyche.”

PortaPlay creative diredctor Hans von Knut Skovfoged

Get ready for tough choices and their consequences. Will you let a wounded captured soldier behind, or execute them? Weighing up the risk of them giving your position away with cold-blooded murder will have an impact on your squad, especially whoever you order to pull the trigger.

Broken Lines is planned for early 2020 and is heading to Steam, GOG, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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