Burning Question: Are we being forced into FOMO?

We’re at the tail-end of the year and just about any and all major games have released. And while things might have felt a bit more evenly split throughout the year than usual, we still got bombarded with games being released in the last quarter, or as they like to call it, the holiday season.

While most might not mind this type of release windows, if you’re a person that’s over the age of 16, you have some sort of responsibilities towards the end of the year, be it exams, work deadlines or if you’re like me, both. So getting to all these wonderful games as they release can be a real challenge. Many of us hold off on these end of the year games, waiting for that time off in December in order to enjoy the games. But no, you are not allowed to do that, not if you want to experience the game as pure and clean as possible.

You see, the publishers understandably want your money RIGHT now. The quicker they can get into your coin purse, the quicker they can potentially sell you some more crap through microtransactions, or expansions. It also reflects nicely on the reports they give to shareholders, so of course they want people to buy their stuff. But the problem is, if you are like me, trying to avoid spoilers of a major recent release, it becomes nearly impossible to do so, thanks to the fact that the internet knows exactly what you’re doing, like and engage with.

I’m experiencing this with Death Stranding, a game I very much would like to play and enjoy as a purely virgin experience, but sadly already had it ruined for me due to bloody Google algorithms, and the internet thinking I’m interested in it. I’ve already seen countless “How-To” guide in the headlines, some spoiling major bosses in the freaking thumbnail, just assuming we’ve all played it. And the funny thing is, I haven’t Googled or watched anything related to the game in months, yet because I like games, I get bombarded with everything related to them.

People I follow on YouTube are talking about it, doing let’s plays or making guides, and short of unsubscribing and possibly missing out on other content, I have no way of removing it from my timeline, forcing me to start feeling FOMO. I feel like I have to buy the bloody game, forego all other responsibilities just so I don’t miss out on the conversations, and that is exactly what every single publisher want. Another example is with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, where you can feel like you’re missing out on the conversation if you’re not playing it right now.

There are many examples like this over the years, but is it getting worse? Or am I just getting older with less time on my hands, not ready to just jump in on every single game releasing? Or are we genuinely being forced into FOMO?

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