Don’t expect a Diablo 2 remaster

Fans of Diablo 2, which released in 2000, have been hoping for a Diablo 2 remaster at some point, giving the game a better resolution and letting it take up time and mouse clicks. Though the chances of that seem pretty low after the creators revealed that the source code for the game was lost a long time ago.

“Not just our code, but all of our assets. Irrevocably, fatally corrupted,” Max Schaefer said.

“It’s all gone. We were supposed to have a backup but neglected it. We spent a day or two in sheer panic.”

Erich Schaefer to Gamespot

The team managed to get Diablo 2 finished, but it took pulling chunks from various builds and sections the developers had at home. However, the source code and lots of art assets are lost. “It would make it very difficult for Blizzard to do a Diablo 2 remaster because all the assets we used are pretty much gone. They’d have to make them from scratch,” Erich Schaefer said.

Now that Diablo 4 has been announced, a Diablo 2 remaster seems unlikely. Building up the entire game from scratch would take a significant amount of time and people, people that could be working on Diablo 4 and making sure it sticks the landing.

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