GOG brings John Woo’s Stranglehold back from the dead

Stranglehold released during my formative years as a young Xbox 360 player and obviously I loved it. Based on John Woo’s ridiculous action movie Hard Boiled and featuring a lot of influence from games such as Max Payne, Stranglehold was a never-ending thrill ride of slow-motion headshots, ludicrous stunts and actual doves.

The game has been lost in time as it never received a remaster and the only way you could play it is if you unearthed an Xbox 360 or PS3 and found a physical copy of the game. All versions of the game were removed from all storefronts as well, so even playing it on PC was impossible. However, Good Old Games came to the rescue and gave the game a surprise release for the low price of $9.99.

It’s not a bonafide classic in any way, but Stranglehold is a very unique and frantic action game that is well worth experiencing. Thankfully it received new life thanks to GOG and you should maybe consider giving it a bash if you’re into slow-motion shooting extravaganzas.

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