Stardew Valley’s expansive 1.4 update is here

Stardew Valley fans can rejoice because the large 1.4 update is now live. This update is available on Steam and GOG and adds a whole bevvy of new features, cosmetic items, optimisations, bug fixes, quality of life improvements and more. Seriously, this is a really big patch.

Some of the biggest additions include 14-heart events for every spouse in the game. There are fish ponds that let you raise and harvest fish and a new farm map called Four Corners. This map is great for multiplayer because there are quadrants for each co-op farmer.

You can now stack large items, keep track of which villager likes what in a social tab and an end-game mystery is waiting to be solved. Also, the laws of physics are being stretched further as sheds get upgrades for more space inside and the mines will have extra monsters and levels.

The full changelog, with everything from an emote menu to hundreds of new items to a host of bug fixes can be found here.

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