Valve’s Steam Controller is no more

Valve went into the mad world of hardware for a hot second and the results of it weren’t really that great. Remember the Steam Machine? The pre-built console by Valve that was also a PC but functioned like a console? Yeah, that didn’t work out too well. Also, remember the Steam controller? The big gamepad with the super circular buttons on the side? Yeah, that’s dead as well now.

Valve confirmed with The Verge that they have ceased production of the Steam controller and they’ll be letting go of all old stock for the measly price of $5 apiece. It’s a pretty abrupt and sad end for the gamepad, especially since its design was so different from the norm.

However, you can’t help people’s tastes and I think the big haptic feedback pads were a little too out there to appeal to the mainstream. People like sticks that they can roll around instead of some weird flat surface and I think that’s but one of the many reasons why the poor Steam controller has now gone the way of the ghost.

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